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Monday, 28 September 2015 00:00

Why should you consider a Cardboard Coffin?

We appreciate what a huge decision choosing a coffin for a loved one can be. Therefore, we’d like to explain the many benefits that make a cardboard coffin the perfect choice for so many people. We’ve highlighted below some of the frequently asked questions we receive to help you make the right decision at this difficult time...

Q. If coffins are made from cardboard, are they still strong and sturdy?

A. Yes! Cardboard coffins are extremely strong and secure. Our coffins are tested and approved to take up to 25 stone (163kg).

Q. Can I personalise a cardboard coffin using images of my choice?

A. Yes! We can work with you to create a beautiful pictorial cardboard coffin. We can use images and designs provided by you or you can opt to use our on-line coffin design service from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Alternatively you can choose from the hundreds of designs shown on our website.

Q. Are cardboard coffins made from environmentally friendlier materials?

A. Yes! We use 75 per cent recycled materials to manufacture our cardboard coffins. All our materials are sourced in the UK, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Q. What other environmental benefits do cardboard coffins provide?

A. In addition to the eco-friendly products used to manufacture our cardboard coffins, they also have a much faster cremation rate than traditional wooden coffins, resulting in additional environmental benefits.

Q. Will the crematorium, church or burial site accept a cardboard coffin?

A. Yes! Our coffins are approved and accepted by all crematoriums and burial sites in the UK.

Q. Are cardboard coffins more expensive than traditional wooden coffins?

A. No! Cardboard coffins provide a more cost effective option when compared to most traditional wooden coffins.

Q. How long will it take for a bespoke designed coffin to be produced?

A. Coffins can be produced within 24 - 72 hours from final approval of artwork.

Q. Are there options regarding the shape and sizes?

A. Yes! We can provide standard coffin or casket shapes in any size.

Q. Which accessories are available with cardboard coffins?

A. Our coffins come with a variety of handle, liner and nameplate options. We can also provide ash caskets and scatter tubes for ashes to be placed into after cremation.

Q. Why should I choose Greenfield Coffins?

A. Because as one of the leading eco-friendly coffin suppliers in the UK, we have been producing our cardboard coffins for over 20 years. Our quality products, experience and caring team enable us to help you make the right decision during this difficult time.

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